David Sivocha

Head of Software Engineering

About Me

Hi, my name’s David and I’m a senior platform engineer. As well as managing systems I also develop web apps. I have worked at a number of companies gaining teamwork and leadership skills and constantly learning new development and administration techniques.

When I’m not working, or learning new techniques, I enjoy spending my free time running, reading or Blacksmithing. I’m also an avid amateur photographer.

I am most skilled in: Laravel and AWS Management




Head of Engineering

August 2021 - Present


DivideBuy - Interest Free Credit


Lead Developer

April 2018 - August 2021

During my time working at DivideBuy, I helped them rebuild, refactor and improve their FinTech application. I led a multi-national team of circa 30 developers, QA testers and Business Analysts. I helped drive the team and decide the direction and structure of the technology stack, as well as providing mentorship to developers in the Department.

I spent my time working on developing Microservices in the Laravel and Lumen PHP frameworks. The application consists of several Angular and VueJS frontends that talk to a series of APIs to provide smooth and seemless user journeys.

In the background there are a series of message queues that help process data. They also form the core of a feedback loop for machine learning to help drive credit decisions. My team has recently helped moved the application stack to an Event-sourced pattern of working.

I have enjoyed getting to know all the areas of our software estate, which allows me to be the person to go to for system knowledge. I dealt with managing a team, helping my staff learn and providing insight on a day to day basis. I also looked for areas to improve our applications and make them more performant for our users as well as improving the UX.

During my time here I have also been instrumental in assisting with out of hours support organisation as required and in working on key infrastructure components such as the AWS stack.

I also led the project that has seen DivideBuy change from a more Waterfall orientated pattern of development, to more Agile working practices that includes the incorporation of CI/CD pipelines and automatic quality assurance tools, as well as a transition to container driven environments using Docker running on Kubernetes to provide easily replicated environments for Developers and Testers to work in.

Samarkand Global


Senior Platform Engineer

November 2016 - April 2018

I was responsible for setting up and maintaining a Wordpress site with a number of core features. This included, building a specialist plugin to interact with a digital barcode scanner for warehousing.

Additionally I was required to provide service for and maintain an ECommerce store for As Nature Intended.

My core responsibilities included the management of the Samarkand website and server properites through Alibaba Cloud (an analogous equivalent to AWS in the China Space) as well as maintaining, updating and patching the applications of both Samarkand and As Nature Intended.

During this time, I was also providing AWS and server support for Black Spark Media as part of my overall contract with Samarkand.

As Samarkand was a secondary role follow on from uCribs, we provided some contract work back to Connect365, the company that bought uCribs, and I was required to deliver on knowledge transfer and some additional programming tasks in Laravel in order to flesh out some additional areas of the site.



Senior Platform Engineer

November 2014 - November 2016

I was responsible for converting a Wordpress site into a more fully featured Laravel Application, optimising the Database, and improving functionality with new features.

Part of this was using Haversine formula for managing rapid lookups in the Database for Properties within certain radiuses (assisted with using bounding boxes to create subsets of data).

The redevelopment of the uCribs site was supported with a Bootstrap based frontend that used KnockoutJS to handle front end interface. KnockoutJS was used to provide Single Page Application style interaction on the site.

I was also responsible for managing the site on a fully load balanced AWS using OpsWorks with custom written Chef recipies to control application deployment and rollout.

Development of the application also included implementing Stripe and Mandrill including creation of webhook handlers to manage inbound data.

Libero Net


Lead Developer

August 2013 - November 2014

Libero Net is a Web Development Agency that I worked for as the lead developer primarily working with Wordpress, Laravel and Prestashop.

My primary responsibility was for the creation, management and development of Applications for clients, primarily related to back end development working alongside front end developers.

While doing this I also developed numerous Wordpress Plugins that Libero Net was able to use for a multitude of their clients speeding up the development process.

As a secondary responsibility, I was responsible for managing the server environments for both existing clients and new clients.


Web Developer

October 2012 - August 2013

I worked freelance for over a year, providing web application development services. During this time I worked on backend applications. These were generally Laravel applications.

I was responsible for managing time, invoices and client communication. I handled design and specification of applications to best suit client needs.

UK Fuels


System Developer

October 2011 - October 2012

UK Fuels Limited is a Fuel Card company that provides commercial rate fuel to business.

I worked with them to create a Sales Agent Management System based on the Django Framework. It is a Python app that allows management staff to enter statistics on sales agents. The statistics are then used to generate reports on a regular basis.

It features views to show different statistics to different user groups. This includes showing sales agents calculated commission based on their sales volume.

The application makes use of migrations to control the data models.

I also provided day to day tech support for the sales and admin team.


Staffordshire University

CCNA, Degree of Education in Computer Networks and Security

2009 - 2011

I completed a two year Degree of Education at Staffordshire University, and acquired a CCNA.

Wakefield College

BTEC National Diploma for IT Practitioners (Systems Support), Triple Distinction

2007 - 2009

At Wakefield College, I learned various programming and technical support disciplines. These provided me with a solid framework for further study in the field.

I spent a lot of my free time learning more programming languages, as well as taking on freelance work.

Shavington High School

10 GCSEs, Grade A-C including Maths and English

2001 - 2006

My high school education. Core competencies in Maths, English, Science and IT.